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Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the most popular and effective type of digital marketing available.  It is typically considered as the “must be” first step for any company with a website. In short, it makes your company credible among potential customers.

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Make your company credible among potential customers.

Here’s how Local SEO Works

When someone does a search using Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine, the results given are the most relevant for that one query.  For example, if Bill in Paradise Valley was searching for a plumber on Google, the top organic results would be the plumbing company with the best reviews, pictures, videos and content.  The site would be mobile friendly and easy to navigate too.  The website would also be found on many other sites such as aggregates, blogs, review sites and more.  There are countless attributes to Google’s algorithm, which is why Local SEO is in high demand. So, when Bill sees his list of plumbers on Google, he knows they are all credible companies that can do the job.  And when Bill needs to do a search for something else, he will come back and use Google again.

Why to Choose Coffee News SEO ?

Why is Coffee News SEO so inexpensive?

We cut out the middlemen.  Our SEO department is based out of India, where over 87% of all SEO is performed.  Even most “American” companies source out to India for their SEO.  It makes sense, they are the best at it!  The question you should be asking is, how many corporate executives take a cut of your monthly fees?  That is the only difference.  We work directly with our people in India.  The quality is the same in most cases.

How long does it take to work?

This depends on your industry.  For highly competitive industries, such as plumbers, Attorneys or auto sales, it could take 9-12 months for your site to be fully optimized.  Starting at 3-months, visible results will start to show.  For less competitive industries such as mobile dog grooming or auto detailing, it could take a little as 3-6 months to fully optimize your site.  All our agreements are for 1-year.

Which package is right for me?

For most local businesses, they want to be found in searches in 10-20 keywords. For example, a plumber would want to be found under: Plumber, Plumbing, Clogged drain, Broken Pipe, Water damage, Toilet repair, Sink clog, etc.

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